Manufacturers Urge the Senate to Stop Boiler MACT

By February 28, 2012Energy

This week in Politico the NAM and the U.S. Chamber have sponsored a full page ad asking for Congress to act soon to address the Environmental Protection Agency’s Boiler MACT rules. Manufacturers are driving our economic recovery and the Boiler MACT rules will add to the already cumbersome burden of regulations they face on a daily basis.

Boiler MACT will cost more than $14 billion in costs to implement, costing more than 200,000 jobs according to the Council of Industrial Boiler Owners.

The NAM is urging Senators to support the EPA Regulatory Relief Act. The bill has already passed the House and we hope the Senate will act soon to address these damaging regulations. 

Boiler MACT Ad in Politico

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  • Florian Schach says:

    We need to develop a more sound relationship between regulations and business so that we can have operations in manufacturing run more smoothly. While of course regulations keep us protected and safe they also simultaneously cause plant closures and ultimately can wind up costing us a significant number of jobs in manufacturing which we usually have no ready replacement for ( A better partnership between the two will work out in the best interest of the United States’ economic recovery and well into the future.

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