Jay Timmons Talks Manufacturing with Don & Roma Show in Chicago

By February 21, 2012General

NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons appeared on the Don & Roma radio show on WLS 890 in Chicago today to discuss the promise of manufacturing and the multiplier effect of creating manufacturing jobs.

During the conversation, Mr. Timmons focused extensively on the need to eliminate the 20% cost disadvantage that manufacturers in the U.S. face compared to their global competitors. He highlighted the burdensome tax system in the U.S., flawed energy policy, and regulatory issues that have a distorting effect on our economy.

Additionally, Mr. Timmons spoke extensively on the need to reauthorize and strengthen the Export-Import Bank, which assists in financing the export of U.S. goods and services from thousands of American companies. It’s a vital tool for exports and job creation. Other nations are vigorously supporting their export industries and Mr. Timmons commented on the pertinent question, “Why should the U.S. not be able to get a share of that? We need to compete on the same level that our competitors are.”

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