Chrysler Adds 1,800 Jobs in Northern Illinois Plant

By February 3, 2012General

Great news out of Illinois today! Chrysler has announced that it is hiring 1,800 new workers and stepping up production at their plant in Belvidere. It’s a good story that coincides with the news that the U.S. economy gained 50,000 manufacturing jobs in the last month.

Approximately 500 of the new employees will focus on the new Dodge Dart while others will work on existing models.  The new hires represent a 66% increase in plants workforce and all are expected to be hired by the third quarter this year.

Additionally, it is expected to create hundreds of other jobs at parts suppliers and other vendors – part of the ripple effect that NAM President Jay Timmons spoke about during his January “State of Manufacturing” speech in Cleveland. He told those in attendance that:

“For every dollar invested in manufacturing, $1.35 of indirect economic activity is generated – the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector, by far. And for every job created in the manufacturing sector, up to another three jobs are created elsewhere in the economy.”

The addition of these jobs are due in large part to a pro-growth business environment for Chrysler – part of the polices that NAM has said are essential to achieve a Manufacturing Renaissance. Hopefully policy makers are paying attention to the results.

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