More Evidence of the Harm of the EPA’s Regulations

By February 8, 2012Energy

Today we see more news of the devastating impact of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) overreaching Utility MACT regulations. FirstEnergy Corp. announced today that the company will be closing three power plants in West Virginia by September.

The closing of these plants will result in the loss of more than 100 jobs not to mention how it will impact the economies of the communities where the plants are located. We often forget about indirect impact of closings such as this which tends to ripple through the entire community.

Also, the reliability of our power grid is put at risk by the EPA’s regulations. Manufacturers are looking for certainty and regulations such as Utility MACT will only increase energy costs and cause them to at times wonder about the reliability of their power grid. Manufacturers consume one-third of our nation’s power and need access to all sources of energy.

An “All-of-the-Above” approach to energy should include everything including clean coal, manufacturers can’t afford increasing energy prices at a time when they are trying to recover, hire and create new jobs.

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  • Florian Schach says:

    As good intentioned as the regulations that we are putting in place are, we really need to learn when and when not to implement regulations. Sometimes implementing too many rules that are unnecessary can be a major blow to businesses in terms of having to become compliant. For instance Boiler MACT is estimated to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 16,000 jobs if/when enacted( A balance between regulatory policies and business operations would help us get over the hump that we have of job killing regulations and ensure our future in a state of economic recovery.

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