What’s the Prize?

By January 26, 2012Labor Unions

The Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, Mark Pearce, made comments to reporters this week outlining several issues he would like to address in the coming year through rule making now that he has been bestowed three new members by recess appointment. Among the issues he would like to push via regulatory fiat are:

–          Requiring employers to furnish unions their employees’ personal email and phone numbers

–          Further compressing the time for representation elections

–          Expanding the use of electronic filings

Pearce goes on to share his ideas of the NLRB being a “household word” for everyone. An interesting goal to be certain, but the Chairman appears to have overlooked that the NLRB is in fact a four-letter word – if you want to characterize it as a word at all. At any rate, the four-letter word most Americans want to be more familiar with is spelled J-O-B-S.

The Board Chairman promises to anyone paying attention that, “We keep our eye on the prize.” Pray tell, Mr. Chairman, what prize are you talking about? Jobs are the prize Americans want, not the aggrandizement of a federal agency and a stacked deck in favor of organized labor.

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