Virginia Manufacturers Call on Leaders to Help Lead Manufacturing Renaissance

By January 4, 2012Economy

Last week the Richmond Times-Dispatch ran an op-ed by Virginia Manufacturers Association President and CEO Brett Vassey about the VMA’s legislative agenda and what is needed to bring about a manufacturing renaissance in Virginia.

Vassey and the VMA are calling on the governor and General Assembly for leadership in technology taxation, worker skills attainment, affordable and reliable energy, and regulatory compliance cost reform.  

During the 2012 legislative session, the Virginia Manufacturers Association will be looking to the governor and General Assembly for leadership in four core policy areas: technology taxation; worker skills attainment; affordable and reliable energy; and regulatory compliance cost reform. The VMA’s legislative agenda is strategically aimed at leading a renaissance of manufacturing growth and positioning the commonwealth as the best location in the United States for domestic investments, relocations and foreign direct investments.

Additionally, the VMA is looking for improvements in skills attainment for Virginia. This is a shared objective with the NAM that is outlined in A Manufacturing Renaissance: Four Goals for Economic Growth. A skilled workforce is essential to the competitiveness of manufacturers not only in Virginia but throughout the U.S.

Equally important to technology investments is the improvement in skills attainment for Virginians. The VMA is working with the legislature to improve work readiness skills attainment, career and technical education (CTE) and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) credential Viattainment. The first step is for Virginia to implement a measurement system that rewards high schools for industry credential attainment as part of their state accreditation. The commonwealth must also begin the implementation of the Technical and Advanced Technical Diplomas. The last element of this work force skills attainment package is to improve the work readiness of communities and increase the number of people with career readiness certifications.

The VMA will also be rolling out a new growth campaign titled Manufacturing Makes Virginia to promote their legislative agenda and make use of new tools to educate the General Assembly and the public about the importance of manufacturing to Virginia. As part of the new campaign the VMA has launched a new video, Made in Virginia, which you can view below.

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