The Domino Effect of EPA Regulations

By January 27, 2012Energy

As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to move forward with its overreaching agenda the impact is beginning to be felt across the country. This week we’ve seen new reports in the news of jobs that will be lost as the result of facilities that will be forced to close because of new EPA regulations. These closing’s just don’t impact those who work at the plant, they impact the entire town.

A report from Williamsport, Maryland Herald-Mail yesterday tells the story of the impact the closing of the R. Paul Smith Power station will have on the entire community.

Williamsport resident Johnna Artz didn’t mince words Thursday about her opposition to the closing of the R. Paul Smith Power Station in town.

“This affects everybody,” she said. “It hurts the whole community with the number of jobs and revenue lost.” The plant, which went on line in 1927 and employs around 40 people, is being closed as a result of tougher emission regulations imposed by theU.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Artz, 71, who has lived in Williamsport for 48 years, said that the plant closing will impact her family. She said the federal government could focus on other environmental issues instead of those that take away jobs.

And on the banks of Lake Erie FirstEnergy Corp facing the same regulations will be shuttering plants which will impact hundreds of employees and have a domino effect through the local communities.

FirstEnergy Corp. said Thursday that new environmental regulations led to a decision to shut down six older, coal-fired power plants in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland, affecting more than 500 employees.

During his State of the Union Address on Tuesday night President Obama pledged to pursue an “All-of-the-Above” energy policy. If this is the case why is clean coal not an option? Why has the Administration rejected the Keystone XL pipeline? 

Due the overreaching Utility MACT, Boiler MACT and Cross-State Air Pollution rules from the EPA, American jobs will be lost and the power grid put in jeopardy. At a time with over 8 percent unemployment the Administration should work on implementing policies to help manufacturers gain access to affordable sources of energy. not shut them down. 

An “All-of-the-Above” energy policy should really mean “All-of-the-Above” not “Some-of-the-Above.” If the Administration is serious about an “All-of-the-Above” energy policy they need to let industry and lead and not stand in the way.

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  • Florian Schach says:

    The Domino effect of Regulations can really take a toll on not just factories and manufacturers directly but whole communities surrounding the,. In the case of Boiler MACT regulation continues to be a struggle for a number of businesses and still threatens many with cost of compliance or closing. According to CIBO 16,000 Jobs would be lost if Boiler MACT went into effect( And while of course we would have safer working conditions for the future, we would necessarily have safer job security, which is something int eh United States everyday working people just cannot afford right now, especially when a closure of a business means that several other businesses close. Regulations and business need a more symbiotic relationship than a clashing one.

  • Nathan says:

    This is incredibly short sighted. It’s this kind of mentality that’s holding back the U.S. economy and making us look like idiots on the world stage. We should be welcoming these new standards as an impetus to creatively re-imagine and re-tool our energy generation strategies in ways that will not destroy our health and landscape.

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