State of the Union Address Live Blog

Throughout the night we will be updating the blog with live updates and reaction from President Obama’s State of the Union. So stay tuned for updates.

Update: President Obama has begun his third State of the Union Address by thanking all the troops who have served in Iraq and discussing the war in Afghanistan.

Update: President Obama calls for Congress to work together to create, “An America that attracts a new generation of high-tech manufacturing and high-paying jobs.”

Right now we are at a pivitol time for manufacturers in this country. Now is the time to reduce the regulations and burdens that face manufacturers.

Update: President says he wants to lay out a blueprint for an economy that is build to last. Our hope is they will adopt the policies that are laid out in our Manufacturing Renaissance: Four Goals for Economic Growth.

Update: President Obama discussing effort to double exports by 2014. In order to reach this goal we need more trade agreements, export control reforms, and the reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank.

Update: President Obama mentions one of the First Lady’s Guests, Jackie Bray, a process operator at Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub. She participated in a community college retraining program to learn the skills necessary for her new job. Training programs such as this are essential to the competitiveness.

Update: President Obama says he is directing his Administration to open more than 75 percent of our potential offshore oil and gas resources. Calls for an “All of the Above” strategy. Manufacturers believe that strategy should include the Keystone XL pipeline that he rejected just last week. A mistake that will cost us jobs.

He also called for the development of natural gas development. It’s essential that the EPA does not overreach and continue to allow for shale development. A PwC/NAM study shows that shale development will create 1 million manufacturing jobs.

Update: President Obama calls for an effort to rebuilt our infrastruture. An improved and efficient infrastructure is important to manufacturers competitiveness.

Update: Increas

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