EPA Delays Boiler MACT Regs Until May

By January 19, 2012Energy, Regulations

Today EPA air chief Gina McCarthy said that the final Boiler MACT regulations won’t be issued until May. The Boiler MACT regulations have been creating a great amount of uncertainty for manufacturers and will cost jobs. EPA released the revised proposed rules on Dec. 2 and just last week a judge removed the EPA’s stay on the original rules finalized in early 2011.

The Council of Industrial Boiler Owners estimates that the revised rules will put 232,078 jobs at risk and cost more than $14.5 billion in compliance costs. Manufacturers simply cannot afford this regulation to be piled on top of the already cumbersome regulatory burden they face.

The NAM has been urging the Senate to move forward with legislation to address the Boiler MACT rules and finally create some certainty. Business owners are eager to invest to grow and create jobs but regulations like Boiler MACT continue to be a bump in the road on the way to economic growth and jobs.

As much as EPA would like people to think they can resolve all the issues with this regulation they simple do not have that ability. Legislation under consideration by the House and Senate would provide EPA with the tools to make these regulations achievable and provide manufacturers with the time they need to comply.

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  • Florian Schach says:

    Delaying the EPA regulations I guess comes as a blessing to those whom it affects. Bit should be taken into note however that regulations as stringent as these are usually a big blow to businesses around the country and consequently it causes job loss (http://eng.am/sTM3nH). This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact hat when regulations close factories there is never a replacement for the jobs that they just cut. So what’s the solution you might ask? Maybe a review and recession of certain regulation would help us to work more symbiotically so that one doesn’t complete rule out the other.

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