Editorial Pages React to Keystone XL Rejection

By January 19, 2012Energy

Yesterday’s rejection of the Keystone XL permit by the Administration brought some strong criticism from several major newspaper editorial boards. Manufacturers believe this decision by President Obama is a serious blow to job creation.

Keystone XL would have immediately created 20,000 construction and manufacturing jobs and provided a key source of affordable energy. Below are a few excerpts from today’s editorials.

From the Wall Street Journal editorial board:

“The White House also issued a statement denouncing Congress’s “rushed and arbitrary deadline,” which merely passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. This is, to put it politely, a crock.”

From the Washington Post’s editorial titled, Obama’s Keystone pipeline rejections is hard to accept:

“We almost hope this was a political call because, on the substance, there should be no question. Without the pipeline, Canada would still export its bitumen — with long-term trends in the global market, it’s far too valuable to keep in the ground — but it would go to China. And, as a State Department report found, U.S. refineries would still import low-quality crude — just from the Middle East. Stopping the pipeline, then, wouldn’t do anything to reduce global warming, but it would almost certainly require more oil to be transported across oceans in tankers.”

From USA Today:

“The Obama administration’s kick-the-can decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, at least for now, leaves a confusing muddle that exemplifies the continuing fecklessness of U.S. energy policy.”

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