NLRB Withdraws Complaint Against Boeing Company

By December 9, 2011Labor Unions

This morning, National Labor Relations Board Acting General Counsel, Lafe Solomon, announced the Board is withdrawing its complaint against Boeing Company. Seemingly, this action resolves a matter that generated a great deal of controversy.

The NLRB filed its complaint on April 20th and the National Association of Manufacturers immediately raised the issue as to whether the Board can or should be trying to dictate where a business can locate and whom they can hire. Effectively what the Board was trying to do was shut down a brand new facility constructed at great expense and would have eliminated over 1,000 high-paying jobs in South Carolina.

While the complaint against Boeing Company has been retracted, the NAM remains concerned about the Board’s actions and what it means to manufacturers and employers across the country. The complaint set a bad precedent – one that could have a ripple effect across our economy.  Indeed, nearly 70 percent of manufacturers indicated in a poll that the Board’s actions, on this and other important matters, will or may negatively impact their decisions to expand or hire. It’s also worth questioning whether situations like this will be used again to influence contract negotiations – something we will be keeping a watchful eye on.

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