NAM Board Member Talks Manufacturing Renaissance in Northeast Pennsylvania

By December 2, 2011General

President Obama visited Scranton, PA this week to discuss his jobs bill. Darlene Robbins, NAM Board Member and President of the Northeast Pennsylvania Manufacturers and Employers Association appeared on WILK News Radio this week to comment on the best way toward economic recovery. 

A portion of her comments also appeared in a Scranton Times-Tribune article.

“The government can promote policies to improve the business climate and provide the private sector with the tools it needs to create jobs,” Ms. Robbins said. “A jobs plan needs to reflect this reality. … A jobs plan should make the United States more competitive so businesses can be the engines of our economy and put people back to work.”

While Ms. Robbins said the president’s plan has a “few positive elements,” she said it contains “stifling tax increases.” She recommended the president pursue the National Association of Manufacturers’ goals, which includes policies such as modernizing the U.S. export control system and creating a national tax climate that “enhances” the global competitiveness of the country’s manufacturers.”

You can listen to Darlene’s appearance here.  Her comments being at the 2:53 mark.

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