Council on Competitiveness Releases Manufacturing Report

By December 8, 2011General

Today the Council on Competitiveness released a strategy outlining five challenges and solutions to help boost manufacturing in the United States titled Make: An American Manufacturing Movement.

From the introductory letter of the report:

“Manufacturing remains a driver of innovation and job creation, even as automation and technology make manufacturing more efficient. The United States must implement sound policies to grow the manufacturing sector.”

The five challenges outlined:

  • Fueling the Innovations and Production from Start-up to Scale-up.
  • Expanding U.S. Exports, Reducing the Trade Deficit, Increasing Market Access and Responding to Foreign Governments Protecting Domestic Producers.
  • Harnessing the Power and Potential of American Talent to Win the Future Skills Race.
  • Achieving Next-Generation Productivity through Smart Innovation and Manufacturing.
  • Creating Competitive Advantage through Next Generation Supply Networks and Advanced Logistics.

The report details the policy changes to help meet these five challenges. The recommendations range from tax to trade and workforce development, as well as reducing regulations which are harming the ability for manufacturers to compete.  

Several of the key policy recommendations include:

  • Congress should require agencies to begin reducing the costs and burdens of current and proposed regulations.
  • Congress and the administration must take action on fiscal reform to achieve $4 trillion in debt reductions by 2021.
  • Congress and the administration should ensure the President’s Export Control Reform Initiative is completed by the end of 2012 and push for improved export control systems.
  • Congress, states, academia, industry and national laboratories should renew efforts to expand STEM education and create opportunities to integrate into the workplace.

Manufacturers are facing unprecedented challenges as they continue to recover from the recession and are looking to Washington for policies which will help them compete with the growing global competition. In October the National Association of Manufacturers released A Manufacturing Renaissance: Four Goals for Economic Growth, which is a blueprint of policies which will set us on a path for sustained global competitiveness and get American’s back to work.

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