House Shows NLRB Congressional Opposition on Ambush Elections

By November 30, 2011Labor Unions

The House took an important step toward putting a halt to the NLRB’s recent pattern of action against job creators.  H.R. 3094, the Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act passed by a vote of 235-188.  Also today, the NLRB met and voted to move forward toward finalizing the ambush elections rule. H.R. 3094 is critical to halting that ill-advised rule in its tracks.

This legislation, sponsored by House Education and Workforce Committee Chair John Kline (R-MN), reaffirms protections workers and job-creators have received for decades. Key provisions would:

  •  Provide employers at least 14 days to prepare their case to present before a NLRB election officer and an opportunity to raise additional concerns throughout the election hearing. This will ensure employers can participate in a fair union election process.
  • Guarantee that workers have the ability to make a fully informed decision in a union election by requiring no election will be held in less than 35 days. This will give workers a chance to hear both sides of the debate before ballots are cast.
  • Reestablish decades of law developed through years of careful consideration and Congressional guidance by reinstating the standard for determining which employees will vote in the union election, preventing the possibility of several “micro-unions” at one facility.
  • Protects workers’ privacy by empowering workers to choose the type of personal contact information that is provided to the union.

While important, this is just one step in the process and it is critical to job creators and their employees that the Senate take up this bill and put an end to the NLRB’s push for unfair and overreaching labor policy when it comes to ambush elections and micro-unions.

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