Happy Thanksgiving from Shopfloor

By November 23, 2011General

If you are looking forward to tomorrow’s dinner-table spread, you are in good company.  Ninety-three percent of Americans have favorable views of Thanksgiving dinner, with most (77 percent) having “strongly” favorable views.  So reports a Washington Post-ABC News Poll.  (Another reason to be thankful this holiday for polling, which gives us data like these.)

That’s pretty close to unanimous support for this American tradition, but in our great melting pot of a country, there will always be some dissenting views.  Indeed, 4 percent of those polled have a “strongly” unfavorable opinion of the Thanksgiving repast.

This same poll queried Americans about their views of Congress, and the results were to be expected: overwhelming disapproval.  But, here’s an interesting finding: The number of Americans who “strongly” approve of Congress is 4 percent!  Do Americans who hate Thanksgiving love Congress?  More research is obviously in order.

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