Shale Gas Resources Bring Jobs to Steubenville, OH

By October 19, 2011Economy, Energy

Steubenville, Ohio was hit hard by the previous recession.  But, as ABC News reported last night, the town has seen tremendous economic growth because of recent natural gas discoveries in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations. Hydraulic fracturing – a technology that has been used commercially for more than 60 years – allows companies to access the abundant natural gas resources located beneath the Steubenville area.

This “natural gas revolution” has already brought 300 jobs to the Steubenville area, and ABC News reports that 10,000 jobs are expected in the next three years. These jobs are high-paying, with some workers earning up to $77,000 per year. Shops, restaurants and hotels are now bustling.

Manufacturers, users of approximately one-third of the energy consumed in the United States, strongly support the use of hydraulic fracturing to access our nation’s abundant supply of natural gas. We use natural gas not only as a source of electricity, but as a feedstock for products such as plastics, fertilizer and pharmaceuticals. Affordable natural gas provides manufacturers with the ability to expand their facilities, increase production and create even more jobs. It is critically important that the states and the federal government not stand in the way of our access to these valuable resources.

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Ohio Town Sees Jobs Turnaround

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  • Rob says:

    The hype you’re hearing about with regards to all the new jobs is just that. HYPE. It’s the Gas company who is putting the spin on in an attempt to cover up what they really don’t want people to know. And that is the enviromental devastation caused by their methods. Fracturing. When the ground water becomes toxic and starts showing the effects on human and animal lives years from now, people will be asking themselves, Was this really worth the short term boom? Just take a drive out to Bloomingdale along the back roads where they are already working and take a look at the damage they have done already. And they have only just begun. They truck from out of state. The workers are from out of state. People don’t be fooled! The jobs are temp if any there are any to be had at all and will not be $77,000 salaries. That’s for sure. Those are reserved for the managers and foremans they are bringing in from their company.

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  • need a job says:

    I have been researching the area and it seems to me if you want to work this would be the place to be. You need to check out temporary agencies and see what they have to offer. If you can’t find a job there you must have problems. There is going to be thousands of jobs to be had, just got to take the time to research!

  • Debbie says:

    I agree. I live in Steubenville and haven’t seen or heard of anyone getting these jobs. I wish I knew where to apply since my husband passed away and I’m a single mom with four children I don’t have two nickles to rub together.

  • d s says:

    i havenot seen or heard o anyone who has a job in this industry who lives in this area all the vehicle plates are from another state just the same way the big trucks are so where the boom

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