Update: More Concern over IWG Guidelines

By July 28, 2011Regulations

Earlier this week we told you about the letters expressing increasing concern from members of Congress about the new Interagency Working Group (IWG) guidelines for food marketing to children.  This week two additional letters have been sent to the IWG agencies from freshman Republicans and moderate Democrats, respectively, outlining their concerns.

  • July 27: 65 freshman Republicans urge the IWG agencies to consider withdrawing the proposed guidelines.  The letter highlights how healthy foods such as 2% milk, soups, cereals and breads could not be marketed to children based on the IWG proposal.  The Representatives urge the IWG to complete a study as Congress directed. They write: “Absent such a study, it would be irresponsible to continue promoting the Interagency Working Group’s principles without sufficient research and analysis.”
  • July 26: 34 moderate Democrats sent a letter to IWG agency heads expressing concern over the data used in the group’s analysis. The Reps. write:  “[W]e believe that additional information is needed on the economic costs and benefits in order to make a proper assessment of this proposal.”

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