AMERICA Works Act Introduced in the Senate

Late last month Senator Kay Hagan introduced the AMERICA Works Act in the Senate. The bill was also introduced in the House back in early April by Rep. Donnelly (D-IN), Platts (R-PA), and Boren (D-OK). Manufacturers have a long record of supporting this legislation, which is a realistic approach to education and workforce training. The legislation simply directs existing public funds towards training in industry-recognized, national portable credentials.

Recently, President Obama highlighted the NAM endorsed Skills Certification system in an effort to credential 500,000 students in the next five years. This legislation would play a pivotal role in fostering this effort.

Many manufacturers are still finding it difficult to find skilled workers to fill job vacancies. The AMERICA Works Act will help provide educational and career opportunities for workers and help increase productivity, innovation and help improve manufacturers’ competitiveness. 

We will continue to urge the House and Senate to pass the AMERICA Works Act, a vital piece of legislation to aid in our economic recovery.

Christine Scullion is director of human resources policy, National Association of Manufacturers.

Christine Scullion

Christine Scullion

Director of Human Resources Policy at National Association of Manufacturers
Christine Scullion is the director of human resources policy at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). Mrs. Scullion  oversees the NAM’s human resources policy work and has expertise on issues ranging from health care, immigration, workforce and education issues and the federal rulemaking process.  Mrs. Scullion’ s background includes policy and government relations experience on a range key health care, immigration and workforce issues. Mrs. Scullion received her MBA from the Rutgers and undergraduate degree from Penn State University.
Christine Scullion

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