Judge to Hear NLRB Boeing Case Tomorrow

By June 13, 2011Labor Unions

Tomorrow an administrative law judge in Seattle will begin hearing the case of National Labor Relations Board against Boeing. As we’ve mentioned previously manufacturers are very concerned with this overreach from the NLRB which stands to directly threaten economic growth. 

The hearing comes a week after 16 state Attorneys General filed a brief on the case. In the brief they state, “State policymakers should be free to choose to enact right-to-work laws – or choose not to enact them – without worrying about retaliation from the NLRB.”

Today the NLRB announced that Lafe Solomon, acting general counsel, will “reluctantly” appear at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on Friday. Solomon had initially asked Committee Chairman Issa if he could send a deputy. The hearing will take place in North Charleston, S.C. where the new Dreamliner facility is located.

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