On NLRB, Boeing and Competitiveness: News Conference Video

From the office of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) comes the video of Tuesday’s news conference on the National Labor Relations Board’s complaint against Boeing. Hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the event featured Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) as the first official to speak.

Her central point: President Obama must speak up on the issue.

We are demanding that the President respond to what the NLRB has done, because this goes against everything we know our American economy to be. When a company comes to South Carolina and wants to create jobs, they should be able to do that. For the President not to weigh in on this, and not to say that this is going to be harmful, is a problem.

Job creation is key in the next few years in this country. What we are doing is we are telling people, not only can you not go and work in any other state, we want you to go overseas.

That’s what the president is saying through his silence. He has got to speak up. We need to see leadership. He has to respond to what has happened from the NLRB to Boeing, and tell us, if we can’t create jobs this way, then how exactly are we supposed to create jobs.

The White House press corps has certainly had the time to pose the question to Jay Carney. Maybe today.

UPDATE [11:05 p.m.]: President Obama tapes a townhall discussion on the economy today at the Newseum, an appearance for CBS News. What a perfect opportunity to address the NLRB and Boeing issues. Now, back to news conference …

Joe Trauger of the National Association of Manufacturers speaks shortly after the 21 minute mark.

In other developments and commentary …

  • Sen. Lamar Alexander spoke with Hugh Hewitt in a radio interview Monday on the NLRB, Boeing and right-to-work issues. The transcript is here.

Bill Daley used to be a big shot at Boeing as a member of its board of directors. Now he’s a big shot at the White House as President Obama’s chief of staff.

James McNerney is still the biggest of shots at Boeing as its president. Now he’s a big shot in the Obama administration as chairman of its Export Council.

How could pro-labor President Obama choose for high-ranking White House positions powerful officials from a company that, according to the National Labor Relations Board complaint, violated federal law by making “coercive statements” against a union in Washington state?

  • We do not see any coverage of the remarks given Tuesday by the NLRB’s acting general counsel, Lafe Solomon, at a Chicago chapter meeting of the Labor and Employment Relations Association, an event billed as “Recent Developments at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).” We’ll depend on the media savvy NLRB to post the text online.

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