Manufacturers ‘Key Vote’ Letter Backs Domestic Energy, Safety

By May 18, 2011Energy

The National Association of Manufacturers sent a “Key Vote” Letter today to the U.S. Senate expressing support for S. 953, the Offshore Production and Safety Act of 2011. A vote is expected today at 2:30 pm.

From the letter:

S. 953 provides for key safety provision aimed at further ensuring environmental protection and worker safety.  The bill also provides for an efficient and responsible response to applications by requiring the Department of Interior to respond to an application within 30 days of receipt.  In addition, the legislation will open more areas in the OCS for drilling which will expand the ability to explore and develop our domestic sources of energy more effectively.  

Increasing access to domestic sources of reliable energy, both onshore and offshore, is essential to the long-term health of American manufacturing. While investments in new energy sources and efforts to boost efficiency gains play critical roles in meeting our nation’s future energy demands we cannot ignore the critical need to develop and utilize our domestic sources of energy. 

NAM Key Votes are determined by an advisory committee of NAM member companies, both large and small. The votes are used to rate a member of Congress’ record on manufacturing-related issues.

UPDATE (3:45 p.m., CW): The Senate defeated the cloture motion, 42-57.

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