Bipartisanship Prevails in Shutting Down Rogue Websites

The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved the PROTECT IP Act today with a bipartisan voice vote.  Manufacturers across the country are applauding this broad consensus and support of legislation that brings the shutting down of websites that sell stolen and counterfeit intellectual property one step closer to reality. 

All manufacturing sectors depend on the Internet to facilitate transactions among suppliers, vendors and customers. Unscrupulous actors online are threatening the growth of these businesses and the jobs they create. It was encouraging to see both Republicans and Democrats unite behind an issue so critical to protecting manufacturers. 

We believe this unanimous support by the Senate Judiciary Committee should send a strong message to members of the House and Senate that Intellectual Property theft and rogue websites that result in job losses are unacceptable.

The next stop for this legislation is the Senate floor. Manufacturers are optimistic that the Senate will take swift action to pass this legislation and urge the House to follow suit.

Read the full letter of support for the PROTECT IP Act that went to Senate, which the NAM signed onto, joining with nearly 200 other companies.

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