Activist Ignore Evidence to Back Shakedown Suit Against Chevron

Activists and apologists for the shakedown litigation over supposed environmental damage in Ecuador once again tried to turn Chevron’s annual stockholders’ meeting in San Ramon, Calif., into a circus today. By now the Amazon Watch theatrics are old hat, and the cause they support — a lawsuit orchestrated by U.S. trial lawyers — has been revealed as fundamentally corrupt. Flying a banner off a bridge to promote a contingency-fee lawsuit demonstrates only witless fanaticism.

Chevron put together a short video to present its side of the case to the stockholders, shown at the meeting after Amazon Watch’s Atossa Soltani raised the issue. Its showing produced a round of vigorous applause from the attendees.

Concise and pointed. Very well done.

We wrap up the trial lawyer, activist, politician and media alliance that has gone after Chevron in a post immediately below, “More than a Lawsuit: A Circle of Political Pressure Against Chevron.”

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  • Carter Wood says:

    Here is a link to the 60 posts over two years I’ve written on the litigation. If the arguments are insufficient, try reading the court documents the posts link to.

  • Brian says:

    Actually, the use of the term ‘Indian’ is inappropriate. These communities prefer to be called ‘indigenous’.

    I find the author’s comments to be an oversimplification caused by limited understanding of the case. As he does not trust environmental groups or the plaintiffs, I would conversely caution against digesting Chevron’s talking points without a critical look into the case. That includes more research than reading the company’s press releases, information materials, and videos.

    Behind the argument, I am concerned by the narrative of the ‘civilized white man saving the savage’ conception of indigenous people. I am confident they have full agency over making decisions and would not assume they have no conception of tort law and the politics of lawsuits.

  • Carter Wood says:

    Wow. A powerful retort. Read the documents cited in the post below and think some more before calling people names. I think you’ll see that the trial lawyers are the ones exploiting the Amazon Indians.

  • Stephanie says:

    Nice brainwashed little write up you have there. Spend a day in these people’s shoes and then talk.

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