The EPA Muddies the Water With Its Clean Water Act Guidance

By April 27, 2011General, Regulations

Today, the White House along with a number of agencies that included the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and the Department of Interior held several press briefings and industry calls on clean water policy.  In addition to these briefings and calls, the White House, along with the EPA and the Corps released two documents. 

The White released its comprehensive framework on clean water that highlights a vast number of initiatives that the Administration has either undertaken or will undertake.  The EPA and the Corps also released their joint guidance on the Clean Water Act.  This guidance would replace an earlier guidance released in 2008 by the previous administration that defined the scope of the Clean Water Act more narrowly.   The guidance expands the definition of the “waters of the United States,” and by extension the EPA’s and the Corps’ jurisdiction over these bodies of water.  Ultimately, this guidance serves as nothing but the continuation of the Administration’s burdensome environmental agenda that has been overwhelming manufacturers as they try to recover from one the hardest recessions.

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