Senator Ron Johnson, a Manufacturer, Addressing Root Causes

By April 13, 2011Economy

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) delivered his maiden speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday, declaring, “Americans Want This Nation Preserved, and They Are Counting On Us To Do Just That.” Johnson is a manufacturer* and accountant elected for the first time in 2010, and we appreciate his views on the size of government and economic freedom.

The Senator cited his manufacturing background in comments before the speech at the Heritage foundation’s weekly The Bloggers Briefing.

I’m a manufacturer, so I always go to the root cause. If you’ve got an engine that’s leaking oil, you can keep putting oil in that engine, but you’re better off changing the gaskets.

So to me, deficits, out of control spending, high unemployment , sluggish economy, those are all symptoms of the root cause. To me, the root cause absolutely is the size, the scope – I’m talking about all the things the government is involved in that should have never gotten involved in, all the regulatory overreach – and the cost of government. That’s the root cause.

So I’m looking for hard spending caps that actually address and attack that root cause.

The sound clip is here.

* From his official bio: “In July of 1979, Ron and Jane moved to Oshkosh to start a business with Jane’s brother. The company -PACUR- began producing plastic sheet for packaging and printing applications. Ron has been building the same business for the last 31 years. From operating the equipment, to keeping the company books, and selling its products, Ron has been involved in every function of the business. It is this body of experience and private sector perspective that he now brings to the Senate.”

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