SC Gov. Haley: President Owes Nation a Comment on NLRB, Boeing

Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) writes in The Wall Street Journal, “Obama’s Silence on Boeing is Unacceptable,” calling on the President to comment publicly on the National Labor Relation Board’s complaint against Boeing for locating additional 787 Dreamliner production in South Carolina instead of Washington state.

While silence in this case can be assumed to mean consent, President Obama’s silence is not acceptable—not to me, and certainly not to the millions of South Carolinians who are rightly aghast at the thought of the greatest economic development success our state has seen in decades being ripped away by federal bureaucrats who appear to be little more than union puppets.

This is not just a South Carolina issue, and President Obama owes the people of our country a response. If they get away with this government-dictated economic larceny, the unions won’t stop in our state.

The nation deserves an explanation as to why the president’s appointees are doing the machinist union’s dirty work on the backs of the businesses and workers of South Carolina.

Members of the White House press corps have yet to ask spokesman Jay Carney about the issue.


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  • affableman says:

    Boeing’s main competitor is EADS and they have an entirely unionized workforce with better wages and benefits than Boeing unions are able to get. Boeing’s competitive disadvantage is they have to pick up the entire cost of their employees health insurance whereas EADS does not as it operates in more modern and efficient countries than the U.S. as concerns comparative healthcare systems.

    How people being forced to work for less, which is really what all the current anti-union sentiment on the right is about is going to help the economy is a mystery to me. All folks working for less do is depress demand and without demand there’s no supply, no incentive to build factories, etc… since people don’t have the money to buy as much as they used to. Depressing demand even further which is what not having a union would accomplish would just lead to less job growth and a furthering of the outragous income inequality in this country.

    Taking it out on the workers by denying them the right to a closed shop is stupid, especially at this point in time where we need the average worker making as much as feasible in order to drive demand and create more jobs.

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