McConnell Amendment Fails, 50-50

Sixty votes were needed for adoption of Sen. McConnell’s amendment to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act.

Among Democrats, Sens. Manchin, Pryor, Landrieu voted aye. We thank them. (UPDATE: 9:45 a.m. Thursday: And Sen Ben Nelson (D-NE). Thank you, as well.)

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine was the only Republican to vote no.

Very sorry to see Senators from energy and manufacturing states vote to surrender the Legislature’s energy and environmental policy-making responsibilities to the Environmental Protection Agency. Their vote not only will lead to higher energy costs and fewer manufacturing jobs, but a continued centralization of power in the Executive Branch.

Over at the EPA, they’d be popping champagne corks, except, you know, that would emit carbon pollution. Guess they’ll have to settle for the pleasures of unrestrained regulatory authority.

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