Friday Factory Tune: Big Train

Legendary rock/new wave bassist Mike Watt has an affinity for means of transportation.

That’s a live performance of “Big Train” from his 1995 album, “Ball-Hog or Tugboat?” There’s a music video to the song, too.

Watt was the bassist in the great Minutemen and later with Firehose, a fun band we saw in Fargo in the mid ’90s. In the last couple of years, he’s been touring with The Stooges. (Here’s a 1980 performance by The Minutemen, and the Firehose single, “Walking the Cow.”) The Minutemen embraced a low-tech, man-of-the-street, dare we say “blue collar’ approach toward performing and touring. Indeed, the documentary about The Minutemen is called “We Jam Econo.”

Which makes Watt the perfect guy to do a Kelley Blue Book video review of a 2008 Ford Econoline cargo van. He knows his vans.

Watt and his latest band, The Missing Men, played the downstairs bar last night at the Black Cat in D.C., performing his latest rock opera — no, really! — Hyphenated Man. It was like this. He doesn’t mind people recording his shows and posting the audio online, either. The most recent show we find at

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