Former NLRB Chairman: Anti-Boeing Move ‘Unprecedented’

Fox News interviews former Peter Schaumber, the former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, on the NLRB’s complaint against Boeing for expanding production facilities in South Carolina instead of Washington state. From “Ex-Labor Board Chairman: Union-Backed Case Against Boeing ‘Unprecedented’“:

“It would be fair to say it’s unprecedented,” he said.

Schaumber, a Bush administration appointee who served on the board for almost eight years including as chairman, argued that the NLRB counsel offered “no basis” for the central claim that Boeing retaliated by transferring work from Washington to South Carolina.

“The workers don’t have any claim to the work,” he said. “If the workers don’t have any claim to the work, it wasn’t retaliatory to open a new second production line. … It is simply expanding its business operation.

The story also quotes South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has been very effective in both expressing his constituents’ ire and the implications for the national economy of the NLRB’s pro-union diktat.  South Carolina politicians have continued to press the issue in the news (with the notable exception of Rep. James Clyburn).

Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina has repeatedly called for comment from President Obama on the NLRB’s action, but so far nothing. White House reporters have not posed any related question during the last two press briefings from Jay Carney. Maybe today …

Fox reports that it is seeking comment from Washington’s two Senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. Home-state reporters must have asked for reaction to the NLRB’s complaint, right? Constituents are surely interested.

We haven’t seen any editorial from The Everett Herald, either, although the paper has published letters, “NLRB should probe unions” and “Union unwise to pursue complaint,” the latter asking a good question: “Why, oh, why would you wait until Boeing has virtually completed its North Charleston plant to make this move over the new 787 line?”

Elsewhere, more good commentary on the NLRB’s excess continues to be published.

  • Investor’s Business Daily, “Will Unions Clip Boeing’s Wings?”: “Big Labor: Can a union that workers voted out and a government agency with an anti-business agenda tell America’s largest exporter in which state it can create jobs? Is this revenge for Wisconsin?”
  • Katie Gage, Workforce Fairness Institute, The Hill, “Obama administration’s labor agency declares war on job creators“: “What is very clear is that the NLRB is now acting as an accomplice in Big Labor’s campaign against corporate America. This is an affront to every American seeking to create jobs and directly contradicts the economic messaging coming from the White House on jobs.”

There’s also a Steven Pearlstein column in The Washington Post that mounts as good of a case as is possible for the labor-succoring decision, even if he has to dismiss precedent and bad faith from the unions to make the argument.

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