Circumnavigating News of the National Association of Manufacturers

Editor’s note: We changed the headline at 2:30 p.m. from “Circumventing … ” to “Circumnavigating,” our usual term for an “Around the Web” feature. While we occasionally vent, we try not to circumvent.

Reporters covered the petition filed by the National Association of Manufacturers and other business groups against the Environmental Protection Agency’s Boiler MACT and incinerator waste regulations, reported yesterday the NAM’s Alicia Meads at Shopfloor, “Manufacturers Petition EPA for Stay of Boiler, Incineration Rules.”

From Voice of America, “Delay in US Law to Combat Africa’s Conflict Minerals Sharpens Divisions“:

This month, without giving any reason, the SEC postponed announcement of the new rules to between August and December.

A representative of the U.S. National Association of Manufacturers, Stephen Jacobs, called the delay awkward.  He also called for a transitional phase of the law and less rigorous demands.

“The SEC should create a category such as indeterminate origin as a temporary, let me emphasize temporary, measure for products manufactured or produced with conflict minerals that issuers are unable in the first years of their program, despite their best efforts, to determine the origin,” said Jacobs.

Here’s the NAM’s ManuFact on conflict minerals and the SEC’s troublesome proposal.

National Life and Health Underwrite, “Business Groups Oppose New Authority for PBGC under 2012 Budget“:

Business groups are voicing alarm about a proposal in the Obama administration’s budget for 2012 that they project could result in a doubling of annual pension guaranty agency premiums.

Effectively, under the proposal, Congress would not be able to intervene with the PBGC to reduce proposed premiums.

The article reports on an industry letter signed by the NAM and other business groups calling for a careful examination of the proposal. The letter is available online here.

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