House Committee Asks for Information on NLRB’s Google Ads

By March 7, 2011Briefly Legal

Citing a post on the National Labor Relation Board’s use of Google ads to promote the formation of unions, the chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee has sent a letter to NLRB Chairman Wilma Liebman asking for information about the board’s advertising.

In a March 4 letter (available here), Rep. John Kline (R-MN) asks for the information “to better evaluate the NLRB’s use of taxpayer funds for advertising…”

The letter draws on Shopfloor’s March 3 post, “Should the NLRB Be Buying Google Ads? To Promote the Formation of Unions?” Subsequently, the NLRB issued a “Fact Check” stating that Google had provided the ads gratis and that the board was discontinuing the practice. (Shopfloor, March 5, “NLRB Discontinues Google Ads, Says It Didn’t Pay for Them.“)

Chairman Kline’s letter:

Page 2 below the fold.

Instructions on how to submit the documents follow.

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  • Section Seven says:

    The National Labor Relations Act specifically states in Section 7 that employees have the right to form, join, or assist unions…or not. The National Labor Relations Board is supposedly a neutral agency that enforces the law. Given the NLRB’s statement last week (although buried in a sub-link on its website despite the NLRB’s constant push of press announcements and postings on Twitter and Facebook) that it did engage with Google in 2008 and did acknowledge the Google ad on How to Form a Union…link to, how can the NLRB viewed as neutral, how can the NLRB be allowed to decide cases given its obvious bias, and why should Congress allow any funding for such an abridgement of citizens’ rights! Contact your Congressional Representatives now. No sitting NLRB Member should forthwith be legally permitted to participate in deciding any case.

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