Friday Factory Tune: State of the Nation

There was a band called Industry? Well, we missed them back in the day, but that’s not that big of a surprise since they were at best a two-hit wonder of the synthpop subgenre, 1980s. The band was founded with the name Industrial Complex, and that’s a closer connection to manufacturing than usual for a Friday Factory Tune video.

Here they are playing their hit, “State of the Nation,” a jaunty anti-war number filmed on board some sort of military  vessel. Featured are a marching band and cheerleaders, because nothing says principled passivism like cheerleaders.

Speaking of the Navy, Mark Helprin had an excellent op-ed earlier this week in The Wall Street Journal,The Decline of U.S. Naval Power.”

Speaking of marching bands in music videos, here’s a fun OK Go video, “This Too Shall Pass,” and a classic of the genre, Fleetwood Mac performing “Tusk” with the USC Marching Band. We also like this audio of the UC Berkeley Marching Band playing “Pink Triangle” by Weezer.

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