Clock Starts Ticking on Boiler MACT Rules

By March 21, 2011Regulations

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published its final Boiler MACT rule in the Federal Register, starting the three-year timeline for manufacturers to retrofit their existing boilers to comply with the new emissions rules. Manufacturers will have to start planning for these costly retrofits now – meaning they may delay an expansion project or cut back on hiring additional employees to ensure they can afford to install the necessary pollution control devices.

 In addition, facilities installing new boilers will have to meet the new requirements in just 60 days. This compliance deadline holds firm even though the EPA has stated it plans to “reconsider” some portions of the final rule.

 Manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the EPA’s breakneck pace on issuing and proposing environmental regulations. In the current economic climate, manufacturers are being hindered by regulatory overreach from doing what they do best – creating jobs and moving our economy forward.

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