A Senate Vote Nears, Slowly, on Blocking EPA’s Overrearch

The Hill reports: “After days of delay, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Wednesday that a vote on an amendment to permanently block the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate regulations would be delayed until Thursday afternoon at the earliest. The date and time for a vote on the amendment, which was offered by Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), is very much in flux.”

The Associated Press covers the pressures, political and otherwise, leading up to the Senate vote, noting the NAM’s campaign. From “Congress aims to curb EPA’s power over gases, bugs“:

The National Association of Manufacturers warned lawmakers and President Barack Obama this week “to carefully consider the severe economic impact these job-killing regulations will have on energy prices and on businesses and families across country.”

The group backed up its warning with a new TV and radio campaign attacking EPA regulations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Maine and Arkansas. Each of those states has a senator facing a potentially difficult re-election race next year, and Obama is likely to compete hard in all but Arkansas.

The citation is great, especially since the story contains two direct quotes from opponents of Sen. McConnell’s amendment and none from supporters. Balance, AP, balance!

The NAM’s ads and materials on the EPA’s attempt to exert regulatory control over all economic activity in the country are available at http://www.NoNewRegs.org.

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  • pw henderson says:

    I think “overreach” doesn’t apply here as most citizens believe the governments primary job is to protect them from harm others would inflict on them.

    “job killing” does not take into account the thousands of blue collar jobs that new green industries are creating.

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