What’s This About ‘Environmental Justice,’ Secretary Napolitano?

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano testifies Thursday before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee on her agency’s Fiscal Year 2012 budget request. Perhaps a committee member might inquire about her remarks last December at a White House forum on “environmental justice,” in which Secretary Napolitano declared the infinitely malleable principles to be a guide for her agency.

She said:

Changes in climate really translate into huge environmental changes that have impacts on communities and also on national security, because they raise not only the issues of making sure that we are taking into account and caring for the most at-risk populations, but that we are also looking at and planning for the potentiality of mass migrations, demographic changes, patterns, concentrations of economic assets, population growth in different areas, deteriorating infrastructure. All of this gets knit together under this umbrella of climate change and environmental adaptation.

The 11-page budget summary makes no mention of spending on “environmental justice” programs, and indeed, we found no use of the term at all in the entire FY2012 budget document from OMB.

Still, it might be productive to delve into her view of the agency’s responsibilities with respect to global warming, “environmental justice,” demographic change and “at-risk populations.” A good question could be: Shouldn’t homeland security be your only priority?

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  • Steve Urkel and the Joker says:

    That woman has dropped way too much acid. She is serious and actually believes this nonsense.

  • Mkelley says:

    Well, if NASA can be refit to do “Muslim Outreach”, I guess Homeland Security can promote “environmental justice”, whatever the Hell that is.

  • A possible, future story which would suit Napolatano’s style of thought:

    “Giant asteroid discovered. It might hit Earth in 200 years. The poor and underprivileged would be most severely affected.”

  • Don Rodrigo says:

    Every agency these days seems to want to be a complete world unto itself, with its own army, police force, air force, etc. Having a big “green” agenda is part of that process, as is empowering each agency to make laws as if they were Congress.

  • P. Aaron says:

    Nepolitano’s a ditz, a dangerous one, but still a ditz.

  • RainerK says:

    Not to mention “concentrations of economic assets”.
    Might that be code for “If we determine there is too much concentration of economic assets, we must redistribute”?

  • Robert says:

    Nonsense, gobblediegook and drivel….from a highly paid, powerful and important position in our government.

  • George Abnego says:

    That is a truly incoherent statement. What is Napolitano smoking. She sure is knitting lots of stuff together under that vast umbrella.

    It’s time we shipped her off to some sunny place where she can sit under her own little umbrella and do some therapeutic bootie-knitting, quietly and alone.

  • Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: All
    RE: Heh

    Talk about ‘mission creep'[ies]…..


    P.S. If this woman has HER way with US, we can be charged and imprisoned for anything from improperly discarding a CFL bulb to putting out toilet paper on the roller the wrong-way out.

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