On Coal Ash, CPSC Product Database, House Votes to Support Manufacturing

By February 19, 2011Energy, General, Regulations

At 4:40 a.m. this morning the House of Representatives voted 235-189 to pass H.R. 1, the continuing resolution to appropriate funds for the remaining of Fiscal Year 2011.

Included among the many amendments were several the National Association of Manufacturers had taken positions on. One was considered Friday, and we’re pleased to report that the outcome reflected the NAM’s position identified in a “Key Vote” letter sent to the House on Thursday.

By a vote of 239-183, the House approved an amendment sponsored by Rep. David McKinley (D-WV) to block the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from moving forward its plans to classify coal combustion residuals or coal ash as a hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. As Rep. McKinley explained in a news release when introducing the amendment:

Among other effects this proposed designation would create a legal and marketing stigma for products made with recycled CCBs – including wall board, concrete, and fertilizer – harming thousands of small businesses across the country in addition to the coal operators and power generators that recycle these by-products for business-to-business sale.

“Electricity costs will sharply rise and West Virginians will lose their jobs if the EPA is allowed to regulate fly ash as a ‘hazardous’ material,” McKinley said.

The House also voted 234-187 to approve Amendent 545 sponsored by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) to block funding for implementation of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s new product safety complaint database. The NAM e-mailed a letter to the House urging support for the amendment as needed to delay and ultimately improve the complaint database, which as currently planned would provide too many opportunities for false or inaccurate reports. The result could unjustly tarnish a product or company and through the bad information actually undermine consumer product safety. (See earlier post, “CPSIA Update: How to Fix the CPSC Erratabase.”)

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  • Dave says:

    How soon will Dave McKinley and his 238 co-voters be installing “coal ash” drywall in their homes–especially their bedrooms, kitchens, dining & family rooms–as personal demonstrations of their confidence in the safety of this stuff?

    Of course, I jest; we ALL know THAT ain’t gonna happen, eh?

  • Until it is proven that Coal Ash has no part in the gases that are causing corrosion and health problems in American households with both Chinese and American Toxic drywall this process should be halted! This drywall has destroyed the health, homes and fianances of thousands of American families! Our country is backwards in that we do not have to prove that a product is safe before it hits the market!
    The every day American citizen has no protection as big business and their lobbyists work to influence politicians to stop the creation of a public database to keep citizens informed about toxic and dangerous products!

  • Koy Beck says:

    This is a very positive move that shows that the Government now understand the important role of coal ash and product safety in economy development.

  • Carl Brodeur says:

    Rep McKinley should be ashamed of himself. Deplorable!

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