Not Just a Budget Crisis, Gov. Brown, a Regulatory Crisis, Too

From Hugh Hewitt, writing in The Examiner, “‘Green chemistry’ is California’s new job-killer“:

“Green chemistry” isn’t just a slogan. It is a full employment concept for government regulators and private-sector lawyers that will have the effect of costing American business billions even as it produces minimal benefits for consumers. Just like “global warming” and “clean energy,” “green chemistry” is a phrase containing worlds within it, almost all of them dangerous or downright deadly to market-driven innovation and productivity. We are entering the third decade of the “green chemistry” movement, and a handy guide to its history is in Katharine Sanderson’s article in the Jan. 6 issue of Nature.

The would-be regulators of all chemistry have not had an easy time of it these past 20 years. Anderson quotes a proponent of the movement as telling her that “a mention of green chemistry in a gathering of chemists can still provoke sighs and eye-rolling.

Yep. Green chemistry is to chemistry what environmental justice is to justice, in both cases redistributionist movements that expand government’s control over economic decisions. (The draft regulations.)

More Hewitt…

[The] new governor, Jerry Brown, will superintend the rules that almost certainly will mandate testing and labeling changes on tens of thousands of products and almost certainly trigger a new generation of product recalls.

“Take the most onerous regulatory regimes you have heard of,” Liz McNulty, one of my law partners, told me, “like those associated with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act or the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.

“Take whatever you think is the worst regulatory regime out there, and expand it exponentially,” she continued, “and then you get a glimpse of what is coming to California.”

California Manufacturers and Technology Association has identified regulatory overkill as one of the major factors driving companies out of state, and the CMTA is leading a campaign, “Smart Regulations for California” with an associated website, From the factsheet:

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