Manufacturing in State of the State Addresses: Texas

By February 11, 2011Economy

Gov. Rick Perry, the longest-serving governor in the country, gave his State of the State address on Wednesday, along with budgetary and legislative discussions emphasizing his familiar federalism and 10th Amendment resistance to the federal government’s overreach on health care and EPA regulation.

Perry, a Republican, also reminded his audience that Texas is doing pretty well, all things considered.

As this session gets rolling, some folks are painting a pretty grim picture of our situation, so we need to balance their pessimism with the good news that continues to flow from our comparatively strong economy.

Have the doomsayers forgotten that Texas added more jobs in 2010 than any other state? Last year, the growth rate of Texas jobs was nearly double that of any other top ten state.

Some partisan commentators have tried to downplay our economic success by giving sole credit to our energy industry. Now, let me tell you, I’m mighty proud of what our energy industry has done and still does for our state, but our economic strength is built on a much broader base.

Our job growth occurred across a wide variety of sectors, including business services, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, and, of course, our substantial energy industry.According to the Brookings Institute, Texas had six of the nation’s 20 Strongest-Performing Metros.

Those figures paint a much more encouraging picture, don’t you think?

Our economic strength is no accident. It’s a testimony to our people, our entrepreneurs and, yes, to the decisions made in this building. Employers from across the country and around the world understand that the opportunity they crave can be found in Texas, and they’re headed our way, with jobs in tow.

The bolded paragraph includes the only reference he makes to manufacturing in the speech.

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