Manufacturing in State of State Addresses: Maryland

By February 4, 2011Economy, Energy, General

Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland delivered a 28-minute State of the State address on Thursday. The second-term governor, a Democrat, mentioned manufacturing several times in the context of building a “new economy” for the state. The word “green” was used.


As President Obama said last week, “We know what it takes to compete for the jobs and industries of our time. We need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world.”

To make this new economy ours, we must make the right choices and investments to create jobs by spurring innovation: innovation in the classroom; innovation in public safety; innovation in science, discovery, healing, manufacturing, green energy and trade; innovation in public health, innovation in our own experiment in self-governance.

To create more jobs, we must leverage the power of our diversity,… we must leverage the power of our geography,… And we must harness the potential of Maryland’s Innovation Economy: bio-tech, green-tech, clean-tech, cyber security,23 information technology, aerospace, global trade, and next generation manufacturing


We set one of the most ambitious goals for renewable energy in America, but so far we’re not on pace to meet it. This isn’t going to happen simply because we set this big goal or because it’s a good idea. I need your support for the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act, not only to create more renewable energy in Maryland, not only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Maryland, but to jumpstart the creation of thousands of green manufacturing, assembly and servicing jobs on the shores and waters of Maryland

The governor also cited individual manufacturers and their successes among his 74 footnotes.

  • Gliknik Inc in Baltimore, MD is a private company categorized under Biological Products Manufacturers.
  • MedImmune employs 2,050 people at their headquarters in Gaithersburg and manufacturing facility in Frederick.
  • GM Powertrain … will construct a high-volume electric drive manufacturing facility at the Baltimore County
    transmission plant, which is expected to create more than 800 direct, indirect and induced jobs in the state by 2018.

Congratulations. It’s always an honor to be mentioned in a State of the State address.

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