Manufacturing in State of State Addresses: California

By February 1, 2011Economy

Gov. Jerry Brown delivered a short State of the State address in Sacramento on Monday evening. In his prepared text, he did not use the words manufacturing, industry, business or competitiveness. Granted, he has a budget crisis to overcome, and is thus proposing cuts in government programs while extending what were supposed to temporary higher tax rates.

The closest he came to a message directed to business was this passage:

My intention is to make California again a leader in job creation, renewable energy and state of the art efficiency, innovation of all kinds and a solid primary and secondary education. Our universities are world renowned and I intend to see that they continue to enjoy the respect of students and scholars throughout the world. We also have to restructure our criminal justice system, carefully realign state and local government functions, and streamline state government. All of this can happen if we find the courage and summon the will to tackle our budget deficit head on and deal with it honestly and without purpose of evasion.

Gov. Brown might consider this chart from the California Manufacturers and Technology Association and then ask himself, why is it this way? Did the policies I promoted as attorney general and pushed by previous governors and legislatures create this unhappy trend? Have I made a sufficient break with past mistakes?

It’s from the CMTA’s policy document, “California Manufacturing Can Thrive Again.”

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