Intel Announces $5 billion Investment, 4,000 New Employees

Heck of a day in Hillsboro. With President Obama on hand, Intel CEO Paul Otellini made some news, “President Obama Visits Intel’s Oregon Research and Manufacturing Site, Highlights Education, Jobs and Innovation.” Highlights:

  • Intel hosts President Obama at its world-class semiconductor research and manufacturing site in Hillsboro, Ore.
  • President discusses jobs and competitiveness in the global economy.
  • Intel CEO Paul Otellini announces plans to build a new $5 billion-plus factory in Arizona.
  • Otellini also reveals plans to hire 4,000 new U.S. employees this year.
  • Education showcased as the President meets with science and math students.

From Otellini’s remarks, the portion describing the new plant going up at Intel’s Ronler Acres site in Hillsboro.

This new factory will play a central role extending Intel’s unquestioned leadership in semiconductor
manufacturing. The transistors and chips it will produce will be the most dynamic platform for innovation
that our company has ever created. Together they will enable more capable computers, the most
advanced consumer electronics and mobile devices, the brains inside the next generation of robotics, and
thousands of other applications that have yet to be invented….

Intel's Planned D1X Plant at Hillsboro, Oregon

D1X will be a vital addition to what is already one of the largest and most advanced semiconductor
research and manufacturing sites in the world. Building it we will create approximately 3,000 construction jobs over 2 years. The structure will require 19 tons of steel, 40 miles of pipe, and 13,000 truckloads of cement. When finished, D1X will have a cleanroom as big as 4 football fields. It is scheduled for start-up in 2013; and it will be the first 14-nanometer microprocessor factory in the world.

Intel is a global company today, and proudly so. Yet, we think of ourselves as an American enterprise.

Intel generates three-fourths of its revenues overseas, yet maintains three-fourths of its manufacturing
here in the United States. The company sets the bar for world-class manufacturing around the world.

Intel provides more background and facts in another one of its always great online press kits:

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