In the President’s Budget: These Tax Increases Look Familiar

By February 14, 2011Small Business, Taxation

We read somewhere that President Obama had started reaching reaching out to business, recognizing  that you can’t have employees without employers, jobs without job creators. But the outstretched hand gets pulled back in the budget released today, at least on taxes.

From AP, “Obama budget resurrects rejected tax increases“:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s budget proposal resurrects a series of tax increases that were largely ignored by Congress when Democrats controlled both chambers. Republicans, who now control the House, are signaling they will be even less receptive.

The plan unveiled Monday includes tax increases for oil, gas and coal producers, investment managers and U.S.-based multinational corporations. The plan would allow Bush-era tax cuts to expire at the end of 2012 for individuals making more than $200,000 and married couples making more than $250,000. Wealthy taxpayers would have their itemized deductions limited, including deductions for mortgage interest, charitable contributions and state and local taxes.

We had this alternative headline in mind: “Obama budget message to business: ‘Psych!'”

And as stated many, many times during the lame-duck session, a majority of small manufacturers files as individuals under the tax code, meaning the proposed increases in the top bracket would in fact be a tax increase on small business. See our Nov. 16, 2010, post, “The Realities of Tax Increases on Small Business, Manufacturers.”

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