From the Union of Incivil Scientists

By February 16, 2011Energy, Global Warming

The new spirit of civility has not spread to the fundraising efforts of the environmental activists who cloak themselves in the garb of dispassionate science.

You see, it’s not science, it’s ALL OUT WAR!

From an email for the Union of Concerned Scientists signed by the group’s president, Kevin Knoblauch.

Dear xxxx, 

Right now we’re witnessing an all-out war on science, the environment, and human health.

A number of irresponsible corporations are spending millions to deceive the public about climate change science. Media personalities are spreading false information and discrediting scientists. And many elected officials are not only blocking efforts to address America’s energy and climate crises—they’re also threatening to roll back many of the hard-fought public health and environmental protections that have saved so many lives over recent decades!

The Union of Concerned Scientists is fighting back. And that’s why I’m asking you to renew your support of UCS today with a gift of $50.00.

Our opponents are well coordinated, well funded, and have a singular goal of protecting their own interests. But we have two things they don’t—scientific facts and dedicated members like you!

Your past support has helped us challenge climate deniers and educate the public about the real facts on global warming. But we need your continued support. Please renew your membership today.

And there’s the odious term, climate denier. So scientific.

We’ve put the entire e-mail in a .pdf file here.

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