Friday Factory Tune: Wanted Man

This one goes out to all those state legislators who flee their responsibilities…

And in keeping with Shopfloor’s preference for aging new wave artists, here’s Nick Cave doing the same song in his pre-superannuated days with the Bad Seeds.

In other rock news related to collective bargaining for public employees, we read that the Pogues/Green Day tribute band, the Dropkick Murphys, have recorded a song in solidarity with union workers in Wisconsin. It’s a very civil shoutalong called “Take ‘Em Down.” Who’s the ’em? Must be the taxpayers.

The Murphs should have just brushed off their old song, “Walk Away.” The lyrics already work:

Somewhere it all went wrong
And your plan just fell apart
And you ain’t got the heart
to finish what you started
You walked out that door
To find out where you belong
To fulfill your own selfish dreams

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