Export Controls Matter for Manufacturing Jobs

The Washington Post today reports on a speech by Wes Bush, chief executive and president of Northrop Grumman, commenting on the top issues facing defense contractors and the federal government. Export controls figured prominently in his remarks, as modernization of the rules are of key importance to U.S.-based manufacturers competing in the global marketplace.

From “Northrop CEO says export controls should be eased“:

The government needs to launch new programs and ease export controls to ensure defense contractors remain capable and viable, said Wes Bush, chief executive and president of Northrop Grumman, in a speech to the region’s technology community last week.

Bush — known as a young executive rapidly remaking one of the largest of the country’s military contracting businesses — acknowledged the federal government’s budget difficulties, but he said policymakers must find a way to preserve incentives to innovate.

“Speaking as an engineer, for many of the critical skills there is no substitute for actually building something,” Bush said. “If we don’t have new projects, those skill areas will atrophy.”

Bush spoke at breakfast hosted by the Northern Virginia Technology Council, an important venue for him since Northrop Grumman decided to  move its headquarters from Los Angeles to Falls Church, Va.

And since we’re at the NVTC’s website, this looks excellent:

Explore Cutting-Edge Technology Research at the NVTC University Technology Exhibition, Feb. 24

James M. Guyette, president and CEO of Rolls-Royce North America, will keynote the luncheon program at the February 24 NVTC University Technology Exhibition. The event combines a trade show of university exhibitors and breakout presentations, featuring university research on cybersecurity, GIS, biodefense, informatics, wireless communications, and haptic and transformative energy technologies.

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