Employment Report Mixed for Manufacturers

By February 4, 2011Economy, General

While the January employment report shows that manufacturing added just 49,000 jobs last month, we remain concerned with the slow rate of job growth.  Manufacturers were hit very hard by the recession and lost over 2 million jobs over the past few years. In order to create new jobs we need a strong growth agenda from Washington to lower burdens on businesses of all sizing so they can gain confidence in the recovery and begin hiring again. 

The average duration of unemployment is now the longest ever recorded at 36.9 weeks and many unemployed workers have simply stopped looking for new jobs. This is not positive news for manufacturers or the economic recovery.

Many manufacturers are still very concerned about the state of the recovery and the uncertainty caused by harmful regulations and policies coming from Washington. Today’s report demonstrates that manufacturers still have a very long way to go return to the peak pre-recession levels. Manufacturers need certainty and pro-growth policies that will allow them to grow and better compete in the global market and create good high-paying jobs.

Aric Newhouse is the NAM Senior Vice President for Policy and Government Relations.

Aric Newhouse

Aric Newhouse

Senior Vice President at National Association of Manufacturers
Aric Newhouse is the senior vice president of policy and government relations at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). In addition to serving as the NAM’s lead government relations staff member, he is responsible for the development and implementation of the NAM’s broad policy agenda.
Aric Newhouse

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