Circumnetting a Monday’s Worth of Manufacturing Jobs

Marketwatch, “Manufacturing strength is focus of investors“: “WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — If the smoldering U.S. economy is going to catch fire, the manufacturing sector is probably going to have to provide the spark….As a result, economists and investors will be paying even closer attention to the monthly report on durable-goods orders, whose latest figures for January will be issued Thursday. Durable goods are items that last at least three years.”

Sioux Falls (S.D.) Argus-Leader, “Poll: Bring in more manufacturing jobs” “[Despite] credit cards’ rich imprint on Sioux Falls during almost three decades here, few residents want the city to encourage expansion of the industry, according to a new poll commissioned for the Argus Leader. Residents were asked to choose the industry the city should encourage the most to expand in Sioux Falls, and 41 percent said manufacturing. Almost a third said health care, and only 3 percent said the credit card industry.”

Mike Boyer,, “Manufacturing jobs on rise“: “Manufacturing jobs are making a comeback across Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky as the region produces everything from auto parts and micro-machinery to burial caskets and copper wire. After losing nearly 37,000 jobs over the past decade, manufacturing employment in the region increased 5 percent last year over 2009 – adding 4,800 jobs and encouraging the fragile economic recovery.”

Oregon Business Report, “Where jobs are growing, shrinking in Oregon“: “If you want to which jobs are hiring and which are firing in Oregon, take a look at the graph below by the Oregon Employment Department.   There appears to be lots of hiring in information jobs, mining and leisure/hospitality sections.   Those jobs that are not hiring but firing would be manufacturing and financial services.” The chart for November 2009 to November 2010 shows a 0.3 percent drop in manufacturing jobs, totalling 500, putting Oregon in 33rd place in the country.”\

Oregon Business Report, “Kitzhaber visits the shipyard to promote ideas for boosting jobs“: “Gov. John Kitzhaber picked gritty, growing Vigor Industrial on Wednesday as the place to talk about boosting the state’s manufacturing sector and creating high paying jobs. Supporting those aims, he discussed a new bill to preserve state industrial areas and a proposal to provide capital gains tax relief to those who invest in job-producing companies. The press portion of the event at Swan Island was canned, but the timing and setting were nonetheless salient symbols of progress for a sector that was troubled even before the recession — since 2004, Oregon has lost 13.4% of its manufacturing jobs.”

NPR, Morning Edition, “Jobs Office Retrains Itself To Focus On Hiring“: When Larry Benders started as head of Cleveland’s federally funded jobs office in mid-2008, helping people find work usually meant paying for job training….Last year, Benders decided his office was approaching the problem backward: Instead of focusing on the jobless, the agency needed to be zeroing in on the people doing the hiring. “So we said, ‘Wait a minute, let’s go and talk to the employers and say how many welders do you need? And what sort of welders do you need? And what does a successful welder in your organization look like?’ ” he says. “Then, take that information back and then try to do matches for welders in our system that fit the profile of the specific employer.”, op-ed by state Rep. Jim Gotto (R-Nashville),Plants like Nissan’s show UAW how it should work“: “All Tennesseans should be concerned by the recent news story regarding the United Auto Workers’ renewed campaign to recruit employees at various U.S. plants….[While] Detroit and its UAW members work on cobbling the American auto market back together, global auto manufacturers with operations in Tennessee have been quietly supplying vital manufacturing jobs for American workers and investing in our communities.”

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