What the President Might Say, Maybe, Possibly, Perhaps

By January 25, 2011Regulations, Taxation, Trade

In a completely unofficial, not entirely serious preview, suggested passages for President Obama’s State of the Union Address:

  • That’s why, ladies and gentlemen, I will tomorrow submit all three Free Trade Agreements to Congress for immediate action. Every day we delay the U.S. agreements with Korea, Panama and Colombia means lost exporting opportunities. Our competitiveness demands enactment of these FTAs.
  • The tradition of putting heroes, honorees, dignitaries, and worthy men and women from around our nation in the House balcony has become worn out, predictable. Indeed, it threatens to diminish our appreciation for these truly remarkable people. That’s why, in my future State of the Union speeches, I will no longer continue that practice. Tonight, however, let me pay tribute to a man we must always remember for his heroism: Lenny Skutnik. Mr. Skutnik, stand up. Thank you.
  • My emphasis on regulatory relief is serious, and it will be followed by action. On my instructions, the EPA will this month withdraw all regulatory actions dealing with greenhouse gas emissions. The science is debatable, the authority in doubt, but the economic harm these rules would inflict is clear. The EPA should not be in the business of destroying good U.S. manufacturing jobs.
  • I love the new seating arrangement. Senator Coburn, Senator Schumer. This is fun. You know what would be even more fun? Musical chairs! So let me plug in my MP3 player, get a little “Pop Goes the Weasel” going, and when I hit pause, the Sergeant of Arms staff will remove 10 chairs. So, here we go …
  • I am serious about reducing corporate taxes. Among the advanced industrial companies, we rank at the highest or second highest in federal and state corporation taxation. We will reduce the corporate tax rate to the OECD average of 26 percent. No, below the OECD average! I propose a 23 percent corporate tax rate.
  • Rahm, glad to see you. Good luck on your appeal, but let’s be honest. It doesn’t look good. Look, there’s always a place for you in my Administration. What do you want? You name it, you got it. EPA?
  • You know what my Administration really hasn’t talked about enough? Tort reform.

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