What Manufacturers Saw, and Didn’t See, in State of the Union

By January 26, 2011Economy, Regulations

From the statement from Jay Timmons, president of the National Association of Manufacturers:

[To] unleash the power of innovation, we cannot continue to place costly, unnecessary burdens on businesses and put them on an uneven playing field with our global competitors. This stifles job creation and economic growth. We also cannot pick winners and losers and pit industry sectors against each other in order to achieve our goals. To enhance our competitiveness, businesses cannot continue to be faced with higher energy costs, higher taxes and government overregulation.

Manufacturers understand all too well the realities of an increasingly competitive global marketplace, and we are pleased to see President Obama begin the discussion on how to address this critical issue. The President’s comments on increasing our exports, opening new markets and passing pending free trade agreements are all important elements to achieving job creation, economic growth and competitiveness. 

The NAM has developed a “Manufacturing Strategy for Jobs and a Competitive America” that describes solid policies necessary to achieve the competitiveness and growth President Obama seems to seek.

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