The President Spotlighting Manufacturing at Thompson Creek Windows

By January 10, 2011Economy, Taxation

The White House has now posted a photo (left) of President Obama’s visit to Thompson Creek Windows in Landover, Md., last Friday where he announced his new White House economic team. (That’s the company’s president, Rick Wuest, to the rear.)

The Washington Post also followed up the President’s appearance with a nice report on the manufacturer and the tax credits that have helped boost the business, which has grown from 168 employees to 289 in recent years.

Wuest credits an emphasis on customer service and the firm’s efficient production model – as well as President Obama’s stimulus plan, which had allowed homeowners to write off as much as $1,500 on their income taxes by purchasing energy-efficient windows.

Thompson Creek has offered the discount to more than 6,000 customers, Wuest said.

“Anytime you can offer a product to a homeowner and Uncle Sam will pick up 30 percent of the bill, that helps,” Wuest said. “I can’t deny that.”

And if we may toot our own NAM horn:

Wuest said he was shocked when he got a phone call three days ago from a friend at the National Association of Manufacturers, a lobbying organization, who explained that Obama’s staff wanted to examine his facility. Before long, Secret Service officers were scouting the place, and plans were in motion for the president’s visit.

“We’ve been growing through a difficult time,” Wuest said. “I have friends around the country and locally with similar businesses. They’re not all enjoying the success we have. Knock on wood.”

The President definitely appreciates the value of a visit to a manufacturing plant. He was originally scheduled to travel to Schenectady, N.Y., on Tuesday to examine GE’s battery plant and its recently dedicated Renewable Energy Global Headquarters, where CEO Jeffrey Immelt would have hosted him on the tour. After the shootings in Tucson, the White House postponed the trip, understandably so.

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